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Nutrisystem is a diet plan that has already changed the lives of thousands of people, by simplifying weight loss to the max. There is no need to count calories, no need to actively think about avoiding certain food group, no need for meal planning and preparation because Nutrisystem does all that for you. Each day you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert shipped to your front door. The daily meals include all necessary nutrients and according to the plan, you can also add fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals. For the plan to have the greatest effect, users are encouraged to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but besides that, there are no additional requirements.

Nutrisystem Promo Codes and Coupons for 2017

When it comes to trying new things that will help your diet, a deciding factor can be the price. This way anyone can make this simple weight-loss system budget friendly. By using a proper discount you can lower the price of the plan by almost half. The final price, of course, depends on the plan you choose initially and can vary from 224.99 $ to 284.99 $ after using a promotional code. There are 4 plans you can choose from. These are Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian. These plans cater to many different needs of individuals, they can even be adapted for diabetics, people with heart disease and teenagers with a body mass that exceeds the 85th percentile. It can not, however, be adapted to individuals with allergies, such as soy and peanut allergies. The cheapest, Basic plan, where the meal choices are already set usually costs 423.06 $. If you use a promotional code for it, it will cost you only 224.99 $. You can get a bit more variety in your diet plan if you choose the Core plan. It is available at a price of 453.83 $, but if you use a discount it will only cost 244.99 $. The last two plans come at the same starting price, 515.37 $. These two are the Uniquely Yours and the Vegetarian plan, both of them highly varied in the food options available. With the use of promo codes, you can lower the cost of any of these two packages to 284.99 $ per plan. These savings mean, that you will spend only 9.82 $ per day for all of the meals you will receive if you decide for the Basic plan. With the more complex plans, the price still will not exceed 11.96 $ per day.

Which Nutrisystem Plan Is Right For You

As mentioned above, there are four types of Nutrisystem plans, Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian. All of the plans provide you with ready meals between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. Basic plan, at the lowest price, comes with a variety of prepackaged foods that make a great base for any weight loss plan. It is also available for diabetics. As an addition to the nutritional food you receive, you also get access to online tools and trackers that help you monitor your weight loss from the comfort of your living room. Core plan includes everything Basic plan does, with the addition of more options for your meals. You can choose from a menu that has more than a hundred items. You also get access to counselors and dietitians that can answer any questions you may have about the plan. Core plan is the most popular plan out of Nutrisystem programs. Uniquely Yours plan is the most adaptable to your wishes and needs. It has the best rating out of all of the plans and it includes all of the options mentioned in the previous ones with the addition of an even more expanded menu to choose from. At this level, you can get plans for diabetics, gluten-free plans and of course Vegetarian plans. All of them include customization so they can be best suited to your daily needs. You can also receive individual counseling.

Is Nutrisystem Worth It?

All in all, Nutrisystem is one of the best weight-loss programs on the market. It provides you with ready-to-eat food, in just the right quantities so you can achieve results and don’t have another thing to worry about in your already too busy schedule. It is designed for effective and maintainable weight loss and you can expect to lose 1 – 2 lbs per week on any of the plans they provide, a healthy option for a modern individual battling weight and their everyday responsibilities.